Monthly Archives: March 2011

Welcome to Gingersnap’s


So I have given in to the peer pressure that is blogging.  After following many, many blogs I have decided to give it a valiant effort.  Plus I want to spread my knowledge of all things cooking related to those less fortunate.  Just kidding (kind of). No seriously I have been over the years complying recipes galore to hopefully use one day in my own restaurant slash bakery. But so far that is never not going to happen anytime soon.  So I am going to let you guys be my guinea pigs along with my so very understanding husband on what you think is a good recipe or not. Please be patient with me though because I am totally new at all this and am learning as I go. Occasionally I might throw in a blog or two about something other than food just to keep things interesting.  So stayed tuned 🙂

Peace, Love and Chicken Grease,